• Fusing shirts, collars, cuffs, front placket and all types of fusing.
  • Large and small conveyer fusing fabric.
  • Foil printing and fusing.
  • Easy loading and exit system.
  • Long-life belt and all parts of the machine.
  • Good tracking system
  • Easy to instal in small places.
  • pneumatic presser 5Kgs in out of the world fusing.
  • Good scrapper for easy fix and removal.
  • Sizes available as per customer requirement.
  Model      Size       KW    Power   Weight  Temperature
 SF-450 450MM 4 KW 230VAC 140Kgs 2250 C Max
 SF-600 600MM 9 KW 440VAC 725Kgs 2250 C Max
 SF-1000 1000MM 24 KW 440VAC 1250Kgs 2250 C Max
 SF-1500 1500MM 30 KW 440VAC 1550Kgs 2250 C Max